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учитель английского языка Городнова Е.В.

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учитель английского языка



Урок английского языка в 7 классе


Тема: «Мой любимый вид спорта. Монолог-рассуждение по ситуации».



·        обобщение и систематизации языкового материала по теме «Спорт»;

·        формирование умений монологической и диалогической речи;

·        подготовка к созданию мини-проекта по теме «Спорт»;

·        развитие коммуникативной культуры.


Языковый материал:

·        лексические единицы  по теме «Спорт»;

·        грамматические структуры: условные предложения, модальные глаголы;

·        клише для диалога-расспроса по теме «Спорт».


Оснащение урока:

·        аудио запись магнитофон

·        белые доски и маркеры

·        набор картинок для проведения ролевых игр и карточки для организации индивидуальной, парной и групповой работы

·        схема-опора для построения монологического высказывания.


Ход урока


T: Hello, children. Are you ready for the lesson? How are you today?

Ps: Fine, thank you..


T: Let’s start our lesson with some signals. Do you know when we usually hear them?

P1: Before our morning exercises.

T: But why are our morning exercises important for us?



T     →   CL


Введение в ситуацию общения.

Т → P1,P2,P3…

(по собственной инициативе).


T:So,the topic of our lesson is “Sport”.There are a great number of kinds of sport such as…..

 The list is endless.Let’s split into three groups.Take the boards,please.

The first group –write adjectives describing sport.

The second-  words, describing advantages of sport.

The third- words, describing disadvantages of sport

Актуализация лексических единиц

по  теме  «Sport».

(« Мозговой  штурм »)

Р1,  Р2 ,  Р3

T: Despite all these disadvantages, sport is our life. Sport means exercises. It’s good for you. Open your books ex.1 page 30.Look though it. What is the main idea of the text?

P1: Our body is an important machine.

T: Why do you think so?

P2: Your body needs many things.                                              

T: Great! Prove it by reading.

      Why is rowing exciting?

       Swimming is useful, isn’t it?

       Why is cycling important?


Контроль домашнего задания:

беседа T      CL  по прочитанному с расширением

полученной информации и

привлечением ранее изученного материала из УМК

«Звёздный английский»

T      P1, P2, P3……

T: So you have proved that your body is an important machine and it needs some regular exercise. Open your books ex.1 page 32.

Look at the pictures. What do you think you will hear?

P: Some exercises.

T: Take you pens, listen point and choose the best one. What is the best one? Why?

Ps: It’s good for our neck, bones and face muscles.

T: Take card №1.Listan again and make some notes to invent your own exercises at home.

Which notes have your done? Any additions? At home invent your own morning exercises and we suggest doing our school morning exercises in English? Maybe one day.

Подготовка к аудированию с полным пониманием.








Аудирование с полным пониманием.


 T: I hope, you see that we do some sport activities every where: at home, at school, in the garden, even during the lesson. If we have enough spare time why don’t you go to some sports clubs? Now let’s invent your own sports clubs and make advertisements. Split into three groups. Two groups are members of sports clubs .Tell us about your sports clubs and prove that it is the best one.

Создание мини-проектов на основе карточек-инструкций

(Gr1, Gr2,  – с элементами игрового моделирования)

T: The third group- you are journalists from different magazines. What information do you want to know? Think about the questions. Mind your word order and grammar. Try to be polite, using correct expressions. Try to be logical.

Подготовка диалога – расспроса


T: Listen to the members of the clubs and choose the best one. Journalists, be ready with questions Let’s start.

So, dear friends, which club would you like to join? Why?

Защита проектов



T: Thank you for your advertisement. It’s a pity, but we have to finish our lesson. So   now we can….

P1: …use different adjectives to describe sport.

P2: we can speak about….

P3: we can describe…….

P4: we know lots about ……

Подведение итогов урока.

T → P1, P2, P3…

(по собственной инициативе)


T: So your home task is to write the main article for our magazine. Now we are ready to do it. Let’s do it according to our plan. Take card №2 and follow instructions. Look though it .To make the article more attractive and exiting we can include our personal experience. Don’t forget to invent stretching exercises.

Thank you for the lesson. You are the best!


Домашнее  задание.


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