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To start with, an influential generation of teenagers is growing up. Today these young people have totally different views on our life. All of them have their problems and interests.

The most common youth problems are connected with school and parents’ misunderstanding. As a result, a young generation tries to escape from such problems and they create their own cults.

The appearance of subcultures goes back at least to the 50s of the 19th century. It goes without saying that teenagers have always wanted to communicate their own message. So, they had to indentify with a particular subculture, that appealed to them more.

Nowadays, the situation is just the same. When such problems as drugs and alcohol addition combine with family and school problems, teenagers feel depressed and try to find help and understanding. So they try to look for the same views on life. Teenagers think that the only way to escape from all their problems is to choose a subculture to identify themselves with.

We all know rockers, punks, hippies, Goths. Some of them try to make themselves more attractive and shock people as the changes of society, the system of our life force them to choose their own lifestyles. For example, hippies oppose the normal standards of society and support a liberal attitude and lifestyle. They believe that they can change the world to the best. The opposite subculture is Goths. They keep up the conversations about the end of the world and about the death.

Each subculture has its own rules and regulations, prefers music, that reflects their ideas. Most of them protest against society or adults.

As far as I’m concerned, the majority of teenagers, that joins the subcultures, feels themselves alone and needless in our society. I’m sure that it is not only teenagers’ problem, it concerns all of us. The government should make them feel cared for, because most kids want to be something and cults give them something to be. 

Автор:  Anna Bobrova, 10LGA