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Problems between teenagers and their parents

Nowadays problems between teenagers and their parents are common. They can't even understand each other. But don't forget that parents are the closest people to you. So, if you think that all people in the world hate you, especially your parents, analyze your problem. Of course, they take care of you: they work hard and spend a lot of money on your education, food and clothes. But it isn't as important as against they love you. "But if they love me, why are they spoiling my life?" you can ask me. Sometimes they shout at you because you don't want to hear them. But can you imagine that you can do what they want? For example, tidy you room. I think it isn't very hard work, and if you want your parents take you as an adult person you should do all adult duties. But if you think their demands are really hard for you try to find a compromise. Try to talk to your parents and stay calm. Suggest solving your problem together, and then they will see how wise you are and will listen to your opinion.

One more problem is when they are always saying "no". Whenever you ask them to let you go to the disco or to have more pocket money they say "no". Why? If you ask me I think that they are worried about your independence. For example, if you get more pocket money you can get lots of things and you become more independent. But some times they care about your security. Imagine such situation: dark cold evening and your parents are out. You don’t know where they are, who they are with, what they are doing and when they are going to get home. What do you feel? I suppose, fear and loneliness. OK, I know you will tell me they are adult people and they know what they do. But you aren't. And when you want to go out with your friends late and they say no, just think why? Of course, it is because they are responsible for you and your future.

I suppose that we should appreciate our parents and family. You see, we every day compare our family with the others and always see only disadvantages of our family, but we should concentrate on positive moments. There are thousands of children who live in an orphanage. They don't know what mother’s kiss or father’s smile is. They are always alone among nice people but they are not their parents. As example I want to read you the words of Kelly, a girl, who doesn't live with her mother because of her mental illnesses.‘Obviously I feel a bit jealous of my friends, when I go to their houses for tea. They have got a nice place to live, with a nice family, but they don't appreciate it - they are complaining about them all the time!’

To sum up I want to say that we should see what we have and appreciate it, because it is the most precious treasure we have. 

Автор:  Kate Tsurkanova, 9B