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Youth Is the Best Time of Our Life

Dear everyone,

Youth is the best time of our life, isn`t it? It is difficult to consider this question from one point of view. Because this period of life has its own advantages and disadvantages. Do you agree?

On the one hand you can do things that you`ll never have the chance to do again in your life. You can see yourself grow taller and more intelligent every day and it`s always exciting to watch yourself change from a child into an adult. You become closer to your friends because there are lots of things that unite you with other teenagers: music, computers and so on. Moreover youth is the period, when you can fall in love for the first time in your life.

But on the other hand it is the most responsible time because you become more independent and you feel you are ready to start making decisions about your life at once, for example to choose your career. Unfortunately there are some problems connected with the relationship between you and your parents. They influence the way you live but their influence will play a far less important part in your development than it did when you were a child. They teach you how to live forgetting about the fact that teenagers want to have their own lifestyle. That`s why it is easier for me to share all my problems with my friends, who always support me and never let me down.

I strongly believe that youth is the most fantastic period of your life, which you have never forgotten. 

Автор:  Yulia Nazarova, 8A