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Do Teenage Years Bring Luck?

Every generation is unique. The standards of behaviour, ideas and ideals are subject to change. The young people try to realize all things that happen in their life. They try to determine their position in the society and in the world. Therefore, they have some problems, which are very important for them. When children become elder, they face many problems:

· believes and values,

· relations with friends,

· personal life,

· the status of person in the society

· bad habits, such as alcoholism, smoking and taking drugs.

I’d like to speak about two of these problems which are very important not only for me but for the entire world. I mean relations with parents and teenagers and harmful habits.

Some of my friends have many problems in their families. They think that their parents and grandparents do not understand what they wait from their further life. I often discuss this problem with my friends. Sometimes their parents forbid them to do what they want because they are sure that their children are too young for important decisions. No doubt, they are anxious about their future.

Teenagers are not eager to share any personal information and experience with their parents because they have very different points of view. As for me that it is not so bad to know the opinion of my parents on some questions because they have more life experience than me and this can help me to make right decisions. Moreover, nobody is so close to a child as his parents. Of course, in some situations, the best tactic is not to quarrel with your parents and the only thing you can do is just to make your own way. I think it is right, because the young generations should do their own first steps in the adult life. They choose their friends, company, and their own way of life and style of behavior.

But their choice is not always right. Teenagers are influenced by friends and people who communicate with the young person. Very often young people try to smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs in company of their friends. Such problems are very typical for teenagers and very important not only for young people but for the whole society.

The number of the young people taking drugs is growing up every day. Some of them cannot stop, and they become addicted to drugs. They do not understand that it is harmful for their health. Alcohol and drugs can destroy their personality and even lead to death. These people cannot find their place in life. Of course, the behavior of youngsters depends on their families. Nevertheless, these are common problems, which appeared because of the evolution of our world and society. The young people all over the world have the same problems and they need advice, support, understanding and help. But we are too young to see only bad sides of live.

I think the life of today’s teenagers is rather interesting. Social events such as discos and parties are popular among young people. Besides, at school teenagers discuss a lot about boyfriends, girlfriends and plans for the weekend ahead and future. I feel also that the majority of boys are football-mad and the girls are crazy about their appearance and clothes.

So I’m sure being a teenager is great fun. And the answer to the question of the title in my report could be ‘Teenage years bring luck 

Автор:  Alexander Sterlikov , 7B